Tignes is split into three main areas: Le Lavachet, Le Lac and Val Claret. There are two other villages slightly further down the mountain that are well connected to the resort: Les Boisses and Les Brévières.


brev Brevieres  

Dam-&-lavachet Le Lavachet 

Le_Lac_Bins Le Lac

Lavachet-distance-2   Le Lavachet 

les boisses  Boisses  

Val_Claret_Across_Lake_2 Val Claret

All the villages in Tignes can easily be reached on skis or on the free bus, with each having cafes, shops, bistros and restaurants for entertainment. Whether you’d prefer the village of Val Claret at the foot of the funicular or the cosier settlements of Le Lac or Le Lavachet further down the slopes, we have varying-sized chalets throughout the region. Take a look at the resort maps to get your bearings.

Tignes has undergone a major face lift in the last 7 years and all future developments will have to meet standards set by the local council to ensure the region achieves a more authentic alpine look away from the high-rise buildings of the 1970s.

Work is ongoing each summer, as the local government’s drive for improving accommodation, infrastructure and facilities continues. There are now top quality apartments to rent in all of the Tignes villages.

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